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Rug Dye Stability Test Process Miami

Since we are the professionals and know that not all rugs are washed the same, we always do a dye test with the rug buy treating a small area of the rug with the soap we use to see if the color transfers onto the white cloth. If it does, we will have to change our cleaning solution or use a dye lock to lock in the colors.

Pet urine can  make the colors in the rug unstable because of the high concentration of acid in it and over the years we have learned that the owners good intention for wanting to clean the stain themselves leads to many huge problems in dye stability buy using high ph solution to attempt to remove the stain which usually leads to the rug bleeding.  If your rug comes in with color bleed we can do a dye stripper treatment on it to remove the fugitive dye next step is treating the stains.

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