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Rug Dusting Process Miami

Dusting the rug is the most important step in rug cleaning. How we do this is very unique because we know that if all the dirt isn’t removed that dirt and water equal mud and when the oriental or modern rug dries the dirt will work up the fibers to the top of the rug making the rug appear to look clean.

This is why we first put the rug in the tumbler to tumble the dirt out of the rug. Then we use soft compressed air on the back side of the rug first so the any of the remaining dirt is pushed to the front of the rug.  Last step is to flip the rug to the front side so we can repeat the dusting process. The dusting process is complete when we see no more dust coming out of the rug.  This is when we move on to the dye testing test.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Process