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Miami Pet odor and Stain Removal

Pets love rugs, we know that and we love our pets.  There is nothing like watching you dog sit on your favorite rug then dragging his butt on it! Sorry to be crass, but it happens!  I have seen it many times with a previous dog I had on my favorite flokati rug.  Or your dog loves going potty on the rug because he didn’t go out for his walk.  Oh well, this is why we are here, to clean and sanitize the rug.  Pet odor removal isn’t an issue and it is easy to do when done right. We think of it like washing your favorite pair of jeans that fit just right, oriental rugs and modern rugs are know different.  All textiles need to be cleaned after time so it smells and look fresh.

Pet stains, no problem.  With as many years of being in business as we have we have great expertise in removing stains. Guaranteed some stains are more challenging then others.  We do enjoy the challenge and we like to think we can get all stains out but we are faced with limitations at times. I can honestly say our team pride themselves on the work they do and there goal is always to please the customer.  We love washing rugs, this is how we feed our families and we love seeing the same rug back in our shop over time.  Your rug is art, a wonderful piece of art that gets to be walked on or played on with a child or a pet taking a nap.  We want you, the client to get the rug back looking new and our promise is that we will always put 100% into every cleaning.

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Contact For More Details: (305) 239-8951

Oriental Rug Cleaning Process