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Miami Color Correction and Rug Padding

People come into our shop all the time and said they spilt something on the rug or their dog made a mistake and the colors on the rug have bled into each other.  This is very common and can even happen when there is a flood in the house.  We correct these issues in a process called stripping.  This is a skill that was passed down to us and it requires a lot of skill.  We have the skills and the expertise to do the dye correction that is needed.  So if you have a rug you love and you have hidden it in the garage or under the bed because of this dye transfer problem, no need to fear, we are here to correct this problem.

Rug Padding

We are probably the number seller of padding in South Florida because we offer free cleaning of padding that is bought from us. The pads we have come in twelve foot rolls and we custom cut the pad to order. It is the best pad money can buy. Padding protects the life of the rug. As most of us know, rug is art and art costs a lot of money. One should always protect their investment, padding is a good way to protect this investment. Because when you walk on a rug with very good padding, it absorbs the pressure from people walking on the rug, not just the fibers if you didn’t have a pad. No padding would reduce the life span of the rug. We can alway drop off a sample to your house or apartment for you to see for yourself.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Process