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Repair Restoration Services in Miami Area

Miami rug cleaning service with state of the art cleaning equipment to efficiently remove pet odors, stains, and make fringe look new again.
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Why we best in Miami Area ?

We are the best rug cleaning company in Miami Our rug restoration services are sought out by rug dealers as well as clients with needs for repairing rugs. Way back in the 80’s when we started hand washing rugs we knew it was important to our clients that had dogs that the not only wanted the rugs cleaned but they also wanted a guarantee that the odor will be removed. That is why we have mastered a unique guarantee pet odor removal process that also gets out fire smells or even the smell from a burnt meal. When we say guarantee odor removal process we mean it! If a customer isn’t happy we will re-clean it again at no charge. That is how confident we are in our Rug Cleaning process.

Professional and Commercial Rug Cleaning Services

Rug Dusting Process

Dusting the rug is the most important step in rug cleaning. How we do this is very unique because we know that if all the dirt isn't removed that dirt and water equal mud and when the oriental or modern rug dries the dirt will work up the fibers to the top of the rug making the rug appear to look clean...[Read More]

Dye stability test

Since we are the professionals and know that not all rugs are washed the same, we always do a dye test with the rug buy treating a small area of the rug with the soap we use to see if the color transfers onto the white cloth. If it does, we will have to change our cleaning solution or use a dye lock to lock in the colors.....[Read More]

Pre-treat stains

Before the cleaning process is to begin we will need to treat and identify the stains in the oriental rug before cleaning. In Miami there are a lot of white and beige rugs so our ability to treat stains in a rug has only gotten better as time has gone by.....[Read More]

Washing the rug

Washing the rug after treating the stains is our favorite part because we apply our special soaps to the rug and work it in deep into the fibers and we do use a lot of water so it travels deep into the fiber, even to the foundation of the rug.....[Read More]

Fringe cleaning

Being in the rug cleaning business for so long our customers know we are known for getting the fringes like new again. We achieve this goal by using a special solution that doesn't have bleach in it. Over the years I am amazed when rugs come into our plant and some of the fringes are really white...[Read More]


Color Correction and Rug Padding

People come into our shop all the time and said they spilt something on the rug or their dog made a mistake and the colors on the rug have bled into each other.  This is very common and can even happen when there is a flood in the house.  We correct these issues in a process called stripping.  This is a skill that was passed down to us and it requires a lot of skill.  We have the skills and the expertise to do the dye correction that is needed.  So if you have a rug you love and you have hidden it in the garage or under the bed because of this dye transfer problem, no need to fear, we are here to correct this problem.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

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